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Registration Policy

1. Deposits for all classes are as follows:

  • One Day Courses - $100 (full tuition)
  • Weekend Courses - $100
  • One Week Courses - $300

2. A registering student will not be considered registered until the office sends them a confirmation. If the student has not received a confirmation after registering it is the student’s responsibility to contact the school and ensure that 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy has received the student’s payment.

  • If the student registered by email, he or she should receive an emailed confirmation within 48 hours.
  • If the student registered by mail, fax, or phone, he or she will receive a mailed confirmation within one week.
  • If the student registers at the office directly he or she should receive a confirmation at that time. If the student plans to pay at the office directly it is important to call ahead so arrangements can be made for an 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy staff member to be available to meet the student.

3. Balance of tuition must be received one week prior to the class. 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will charge the registered students credit card on this date. If paying by check or money order, it is the student’s responsibility to have the balance in on time. If the student has not paid the balance at least one week prior to class, 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will assume that you have canceled and your deposit will be forfeited. If the student registered for classes that are back-to-back the balance for the second class will be due one week prior to that class.

4. If the student cancels one or more weeks prior to class and your slot is filled, 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will give a full refund or the full amount may be credited to another 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy event. A written request must be submitted by the student documenting which option they choose.

5. If the student cancels less than one week prior to class but three days prior to the class he or she may receive a partial refund. Ten percent of the course tuition will be retained by 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy as a cancellation fee.

6. If the student does not arrive at class and has not cancelled, the entire class payment will be forfeited. The student will have until the start of class to arrive or notify the school of their absence.

7. All class credits are valid for one year. The student’s credits will be kept on file at 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy’s main office for one year, and if the student has not registered for a class within the one year limit then all credits will be forfeited. The credits can be transferred to a class scheduled outside of the one year limit, but must be transferred within the one year limit.

8. Credits are transferable only twice. If you redeem your credits a second time, then cancel your registration for that class, your credits will not be transferable again and those credits will be forfeited.

9. In the unlikely event that 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy cancels a course or changes class dates, you will be given a full refund or class credits, whichever you choose. The registered student must submit a signed written request documenting which option they choose. 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will not be liable for any other costs due to cancellations or date changes.

10. When a class roster fills, a waiting list is automatically started. You will be notified of your placement on the waiting list. If the student chooses to register by mail or fax and the class roster was filled before 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy received the registration package, 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will either give credit towards the next class of the student's choice or give a full refund. 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will attempt to notify the student first by email or phone and then by mail. A signed written request must be submitted by the student documenting which option they prefer. If the registering student attempts to register on-line or by phone for a class that has a full roster then registration will be declined and deferred to the waiting list.

11. Credits are not transferable between students. The exception is if a registered student is younger than seventeen then the credits may be transferred to the accompanying parent or guardian. A signed written request must be submitted by the student documenting which option they prefer. All timeline requirements still apply to this credit transfer.

12. Both the parent/guardian and the student to be accompanied will be obligated to pay the class tuition. If the parent / guardian meets the requirements to volunteer for the class this policy may be altered. Please contact 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy at info@8waysacademy.com for more information.